Who needs PIP?

The only internet access I have at home is through my cell phone, so I have had to download the files I need and transfer them to my computer. For some tutorials, I needed to install pyglet. I can’t use pip because it is broke on my machine and after having to try and upgrade to the latest version to fix it that failed; I figured another way to do it.

I downloaded the zip or tar file for that module and then transferred it to my computer. Unpacking that file to my hard drive, I went to the prompt. I changed directories to the folder which held that modules setup.py file. Typing in the command: python setup.py install and pressing the enter key began the installation. If no errors occurred, I verified it by starting the python shell and then using the help(“modules”) command to see if it is listed. Success!

I hope this helps if your pip tool is broken or you don’t want to install using a wheel (whl) file, but instead use the compressed folder from the download site. Happy coding!

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