Since the recent passing of my girlfriend and new full-time job, I have regrouped to gather some confidence. I have purchased Qbasic by David I. Schneider and am using the Qb64 compiler.

I know that it is an old programming language and not used very much nowadays, but the concepts of programming are still there. The author uses structured programming, while shunning the unconditional branching of the GOTO statement. My progress is slow, yet I am attempting to get into the habit of touching the code everyday.

I believe that today’s developers are chasing after the “shiniest new technology” and that should not be the goal. Programmers should be learning good practices and solid concepts first. The books, tutorials, etc. should be ones that promote these ideals and the language secondary. If your fundamentals are missing or sloppy, then using the most recent coding dialect won’t help.

I continue to practice my Spanish daily with three apps on my smartphone; in which I recently had to reset. I also contribute to the Quora forum when possible. Here is to renewed pursuits of my coding expedition. Happy coding!

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