Learning markdown

Markdown is apparently the standard in Github repositories for readme files and is used often by developers. I completed the Lynda.com tutorial on Learning Markdown, but did not work with  the online editor the instructor used. I have CutemarkEd portable, a free and open source editor. I learned the standard markdown, but also the Github flavored markdown (GFM). A great site I found for this is http://guides.github.com . It has a cheat sheet for markdown in pdf for free download and guides for Github as well.

The editor that I use can render the markup in different styles, such as Github or Solarized. The different style allows the showing of code syntax for example in code blocks (i.e. blockquotes).

Many of the GFM can be rendered with the standard renderer in this application. It had auto-linking of images and tables, which you can do in the code itself or through the new helper built into the editor itself (I haven’t used the helper yet). The HTML view is better than the one in the tutorial because all I have to do is press the F5 button and it shows the code in the rendering window, whereas the tutorial editor showed in a small separate window. The app can also export the markdown to create an HTML or pdf file. I don’t know how much I will use it, but it is another great tool to have at my disposal.

Until next time, keep exploring the jungles of development!

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