Nodejs and MongoDb setup

I downloaded both packages to my cell phone and transfered them to my external hard drive. Glad I am comfortable with the DOS prompt. I installed Nodejs on this Windows XP machine. Ran a javascript file through the Node server from the command prompt and it worked!

Next I installed MongoDb and while setting up my path (allowing access to) for the local db file, I noticed it was hung up in a loop trying to access a specific port. I went to Windows firewall and granted access to that port. Hit Ctrl-C to stop the process and then executed the command again.

After executing the command and seeing it was no longer looping, I opened up the browser and could access the database page of the localhost! Shutting it down, I once again hit Ctrl-C where it terminated the database file access. Now I can work on the MEAN stack when I’m ready, but now back to more jQuery fun.

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