The beginning

I am creating this blog after listening to several developer podcasts that say to create one concerning my journey to a programming career. A few years ago, I took part in a machine shop program for approximately six months. During that period, I realized that I enjoyed creating items. Whether I  made a trailer hitch with pin on a manual lathe and drill press or using CAD drawings and G-codes in CNC simulations. In the past, I have created promotional videos and class teaching materials, so I enjoy being creative and seeing the results.

In each of these undertakings, I used methods of pre-planning through storyboarding videos or blueprints for machining parts. I did all of these processes on older equipment, such as HAAS manual lathes or a 60 gb pentium computer for video editing and creation. Despite these limitations, I enjoyed the outcomes of these endeavors.

I have taken all, but one math class towards a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Helping students in web design classes or programming Java and Lisp while being a lab assistant at previous colleges I attended. For the first time in years, I will be changing from classroom assignments with languages such as C or Java and moving more towards scripting languages with practical projects. I have experimented with Python in the past, but now I want to work on Javascript. This means that I will have to update my HTML knowledge from 4 to 5 and get into CSS.

On an old Windows XP 11 inch netbook that a friend loaned me, I was able to free up the drive from a measly 130 mb of free space to over 2 gb. I have been able to install XAMMP, notepad plus plus, and several other programs on it. My Internet access is currently restricted to the cell phone I recently purchased. This endeavor, along with my recent study of Spanish should move me in the right direction towards my goal. Let’s get going!

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